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Why read these articles over big time sites?

I wanted to start this blog because I felt like there are so many unknowns and myths about the sport of lacrosse, especially at the college level. I believe there is an absence of literature people can use for reference when going through the recruiting process in non-traditional areas. Former players that got recruited from those areas will be sharing their thoughts and opinions on their experience in their own words. For instance, I believe the West Coast has such a hard time having recruits stay at a school past their freshman fall/spring because kids aren't given accurate information of college lacrosse.  Coaches sell them a program without being realistic of the differences kids might face moving from the West Coast. Basically, I wanted to create a space for myself, my friends, as well as anyone in the lacrosse community, to share their personal thoughts and experiences throughout the vast spectrum of college lacrosse programs. I want to shed light on some topics that might be hidden in the dark. Lastly, I want to keep this light and fun. The lacrosse community is small and tight nit, I believe we should give everyone the proper, most unbiased information to be able to thrive at the next level.

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Fee free to shoot me an email if you want to have something you wrote published on this site or have a topic you would like to be written about. Mens and women lacrosse articles are both accepted. Thanks for checking us out! cyle217@gmail.com